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The Wedding Planning Update - November 2000

170 days to BE (11/24/00)
Turkey Talk.
Turkey, Potatoes, and good things au gratin, that's what life at the house of Barbara and Craig was marked by on Turkey Day 2000. Why, might one ask, was this Thanksgiving different from all other Thanksgivings? Were we reclining? Were we dipping our greens in salt water? You can bet your sweet ass we weren't. The big change this year was that our favorite Bride to be, Andrea, was chained in the kitchen for three days single-handedly preparing the our meal of thanks. However, A. had a secret weapon. Either way, A. made an impressive meal.

During the aforementioned meal, the conversation turned to Ketubah talk. Specifically, we spent a good deal of time speculating on the Andrea's hebrew middle name. See, the text of our Ketubah includes our Hebrew names. Andrea seems to have lost the second half of hers and no one in her family can remember it. As a result of our brainstorming we came up with a number of options to follow her lovely hebrew first name of Devorah (pronounced Di-vo-rah):

Devorah the Menorah (Jewish Mafia)
Devorah Jebediah Stoltzfus (Amish)
Devorah "Chip" Williams III, Jr. (WASP)

Send me any others you can think of...

178 days to BE (11/16/00)
Thirty-Two, Fifteen, Twenty-Nine, WALK!
What do you get when you throw residency interviews into a "rural" medicine rotation? Too few updates on the web site. So here is what's going down in BE's world. First, the rehearsal dinner, where we practice eating dinner, is being formed, like a piece of injection-molded plastic. Specifically, we are determining where and who will be taking part in this tradition. According to some sources, "parents, siblings, wedding party and dates, and out of town guest who have already arrived should be invited." However, A. and I think this is boring. So, A. and I will begin accepting applications from anyone who wants to come and admitting on a rolling admissions basis. However, you will need to submit 3 copies of your CV, 2 letters of recommendation, and your grades from your last semester of post high school education on original institution-issue paper no later than 10 PM on the Ides of March.

Speaking of roman holidays, A. and I have also been considering "retooling" the whole theme of the wedding. Amongst the ideas floating about, we've been mulling over a gladiator theme. As I see it, there are multiple advantages. First, since we'll all be chased around the room by ferocious lions, A. and I won't have to rent tables and chairs. Also, if someone gets eaten by a lion that's one less thank you note to write. Lastly, since we'll all be wearing togas and armor, we won't have to worry about expensive and uncomfortable tuxes and evening gowns. We may really be on to something here.

Returning from the realm of fantasy, there has been one other event this week. With the help of Emily Post (who I just learned was born in Baltimore in 1872, perhaps in the very house from which I am writing this) I've been working out football playbook-like diagrams for our various options for walking down the aisle (see below and compare them to the playbook link - it's remarkably similar). If you have any secret plays in your book, please send them to me.

Adam and Andrea Engagement and Wedding Adam and Andrea Engagement and Wedding

Time for some more projected outfits for the wedding. Let me know what you think of my Britanny Spears and Steven Tyler Looks (thank you MTV). (If you see these, I'm very proud of your thorough viewing of this site.)
Adam and Andrea Engagement and Wedding Adam and Andrea Engagement and Wedding

188 days to BE (11/06/00)
Wonder Twin Powers Activate!
The wedding planning has definitely reached a giant yawning pause this week with the exiling of the groom to Hagerstown, MD. My medical school, which receives funding from the state is required to send us students out the hinterland as part of our training. The party line was we would be "serving" "rural" "underserved" communities. After 4 days in a local physician's office I can, without a doubt, say Hagerstown is neither rural nor underserved. In fact, this feels more like a two month recruiting experience than anything else. However, the population is quite nice. They even bake cakes and bring goodies to the office when they come for a visit. But I digress...

On the actual wedding planning front, I have been looking for inspiration for the wedding bands. See, I have this idea that I should design our wedding bands to make them unique and personal to us. Luckily, my ignorance of both Jewish symbols and working with precious metals has not encumbered my imagination. In fact, I think we would like rings that would give us the Wonder Twin powers (though there is some hint of incest to overcome...). Or we could have matching multi-fingered rings that spell out each others name. Just be sure to look what I'm slipping on A's finger when BE arrives.

The wedding planning update is to Adam and Andrea's wedding what The National Enquirer is to news. While other sections of this site contain actual facts, this part is mostly opinion. Feel free to contact us if you find yourself on the cusp of action based on what you read here and are wondering what the hell I am talking about.

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Wedding Update Articles
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