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Nigel Works Ltd.'s Online Hearing Test

New as of 5/11/00!
Version 3.5 of the hearing test!

Nigel Works Ltd., in association with Audiology Associates, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the online hearing test for audiology websites. When you purchase a license for the online hearing test you not only get a powerful diagnostic tool that will allow your potential patients to screen their hearing at home, but also a point of interest for your website. Adding purposeful interactivity to a website is a great way to have people linger, read, and make them more likely to use your services. Just imagine, potential customers could spend upwards of 10 to 15 minutes looking at your logo and reading whatever information you provide on related pages. In addition, they will print out and/or save a final report giving an assessment of their hearing that will be shown to friends, relatives, and colleagues.

The cost of the online is dependant on your use. Contact us for details on getting your logo to us and working out payment arrangements. If you would like Nigel Works to create the website for you, contact us and see our other projects.

Also, consider becoming a hearing test partner. For a slightly larger fee, you will entitle yourself to free updates to the Online Hearing Test for the life of the product. That's right, one fee now and the upgrades are free every time we make one... contact us for the details.

See a working version of the online hearing test as well as how it can be included with web pages at our example hearing test website

Development history:
v0.5 June-August 1999: Prototype mock-ups, functions defined and tested.
v1.0 August-November 1999: Basic sound based exam developed.
v2.0 December-January1999: Graphiics and function refinement.
v3.0 January-May 1999: Redisigned interface, added boosters.
v3.5 May 1999: Reworked graphics in Flash, reporting and screening questionsadded.

Technical Information About the Hearing Test

The online hearing test was created with LiveStage Pro, from Totally Hip Software and Macromedia Flash.The test itself is a Quicktime movie that utilizes sprites and the built-in MIDI instruments that accompany Quicktime. Because of Quicktime's incredible compression, the test is less than 50K in size and the tones you hear are in 44khz stereo sound.

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