What's New in Version 3.5?

-Flash-based images now used throughout the test for clearer graphics

-Screening questions

-Report screen at the end of the exam

-Complete integration with associated web pages.

Welcome to Version 3.5 of the Online Hearing Test.
Before you begin please read the following two instructions:

1. The Online Hearing Test requires the use of Quicktime 4 from Apple Computer, Inc. Please download and install Quicktime 4.1.2 or greater before attempting to take the test.
(If you already have Quicktime installed on your computer please make sure it is version 4.1.2 or greater.)

2. The Online Hearing Test works best (but not only) with the following hardware:
-A version 4.0 or greater browser (required).
-A PC with a 16 bit sound card or a Mac (which comes with 16 bit sound ).
-A monitor set to display Thousands of colors.
-A computer that meets the requirements for Quicktime as set forth by Apple Computer, Inc.

I have read the above. I will read the instructions provided with the test.
Now let me take the Online Hearing Test!

Can't get the hearing test to load on your computer? See the instructions and help page...

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