Ok, we are T minus 3 hours to honeymoon. Here are the pictures from the new A&A digital camera

Thanks to everyone who came last night. We had a wonderful time...

See the whole directory of images! Download them! Cut and paste your own head into our wedding!

Peter, one of the co-best men. Preshower.

At the Belvedere before the Chupah was erected.

Adam shoots the photographer.

Artsy Fartsy.

Adam hides behind the train. Look at his silvery shirt!

There was another bride hiding under that dress.

Woman in waiting Karen plays the old"you got a spot on your shirt" trick on Adam's dad.

Chucksy and Grandpa Malcom.

Co chief woman in waiting Lisa, displaying one of her numerous skills.

The Merry men, Peter, Peter, Dave, Kevin, Adam.

A&A and the photographer James being photographed by the videographer Jeff. Truely a multimedia experience...

Deodorizing the Bride.

Adam! Don't step on my dress!

Some guy named Brad and Jeremy Desmondddddddddddd.



Another Brad (not the some guy named Brad Brad) makes all gone.

Die cake, Die!

Let them eat cake or something.

Post wedding with woman in waiting Stacey. Love that hair!