Patient Trakker 2.0

Nigel Works Ltd. in association with Dan Lemkin is proud to offer, free of charge, Patient Trakker 2.0. This software, for Mac or Windows, is an easy to use database that allows hosptial house staff and medical students to easily manage patients on an inpatient surgery service. In addition, this will output clearly formatted lists sorted in a variety of ways to provide chiefs and attendings a concise source of info. during rounds.

To install, click on the appropriate link below, which will download the software to your hard drive. Then, double click on the file to decompress it. A folder will appear with the software in it. Open the folder, double click on the application and begin tracking your patients! If you have any questions send email to Adam Weinstein.

-> Patient Trakker 2.0 for Windows 95, 98, 2000, etc.

-> Patient Trakker 2.0 for MacOS