Directions To Belvedere Hotel In Baltimore

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Belvedere Hotel
1 E Chase St
Baltimore, MD 21202
Phone: (410) 783 1332


The Belvedere Hotel is located in the heart of downtown Baltimore and was built in 1902. When it was built, it was the tallest building in that section of town. While skyscrapers and taller buildings have been built since then, the Belvedere is still one of the tallest buildings in the mid-town section of Baltimore.

The Belvedere is very beautiful and the 12th floor has a great ballroom, where dancers of all different levels come to practice. For about $14 you get a buffet dinner, a group lesson of a certain dance, and several hours of fun and dancing. It starts at 6 and goes on until about 10:30. There's usually a lesson from 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM.

One of the great things about Belvedere is the 13th floor, which is a really cool bar. Many people go there after dancing in the ballroom. It has a beautiful view of Baltimore, great atmosphere and live bands.

The Belvedere Hotel has been converted to condos. However, the restaurants and bars are still open to the public. The ballroom is on the 12th floor and the bar is on the 13th floor. Be sure to visit the 13th floor to discover the beauty of the Baltimore Skyline from up above. There are windows right around to view the beautiful Baltimore skyline.


The Belvedere Hotel is located in the heart of downtown Baltimore. The following directions explain how to get there from the DC metropolitan area.


Parking at the Belvedere is available on the streets surrounding the building or in the Belvedere parking garage. The garage entrance is on the southeast corner of the building and can be accessed from the alley-like streets on the south side of the building (if you are driving north on Charles street) or on the east side of the building (if you are going either east or west on Chase street).


As you can see in the map below the Belvedere Hotel is located in the heart of Downtown Baltimore. If you are coming from the DC area, you can either take I 95 or Route 295 (Baltimore Washington Parkway - for those of you who prefer a more scenic route with lots of trees on either side of the road) North. Route 295 takes you to downtown Baltimore. If you take I 95 be sure to take the Downtown Baltimore Exit (395 North).

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The following map illustrates the location of the Belvedere Hotel in downtown Baltimore. Notice it is located at the intersection of E. Chase Street and Charles Street. After taking Route 295 or taking the 395 exit from I 95, make a right on E. Pratt Street. Soon after you pass the Baltimore Convention Center, make a left on Charles Street. Stay on Charles street for about 5-10 minutes and make a right on E. Chase Street.

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